An open letter to those who strongly supported the new president elect:

I am willing to give the president elect a chance to do good things as our new president. This is what open minded people do. (aka “liberal”) This is what Americans do. As a registered independent voter, it is my responsibility to be American before clinging to my preference for green values or even blue ideologies.

But the gloating and pettiness is a completely inappropriate and ridiculously childish reaction to these election results. I encourage every American to embrace their own personal dignity and decency. This is not a sporting event or a drunken debauchery after a duel in a game of thrones.

I don’t mind one bit that you feel overjoyed that your candidate won in a surprising and unpredicted victory. It is definitely a moment for the history books. Go ahead, celebrate. Have a beer or two if that’s what floats your boat. Eat twelve cookies! Shout hooray.

However, pause and think before you speak; consider your words carefully. Fact: You do still live in a nation where the majority of the people did not want him to be our president; the majority of the people did NOT vote for him. The true voice of the people has not been represented by our system.

But that is our system and it is how we do things. And so he wins. Just take a moment though to ask yourself how you would feel if the reverse scenario had happened. In an election this close, that could’ve been your reality. Instead it is ours. All of ours. Yes, all of this is your reality too. You have elected a president who is not supported by the majority of your fellow Americans. (Never mind the thoughts and reactions of people around the globe.)

Therefore, I ask kindly that you please show respect, re-focus your integrity, think about what you wish to represent about yourself and our country. The whole world is watching. Are you still feeling divisive? Do you see America as a country of “us” and “them”? Will you continue name calling and taking sides? Or, are you stepping toward the middle to help fix things? Can you be gracious and share kindness? If you can, I commend you.

Maybe I’m asking too much too soon. If you can’t muster your inner Ghandi, WWJD ain’t your mantra, or maybe you simply prefer to stay on the bad side of yourself? Well then, do what you must. But do so with the full realization that the majority of people around you and around the globe disagree with the choice you’ve made which we will all must now live with for the next four years.


A couple of weeks ago I actually sat with my husband and discussed an exit strategy. True story. I told him that I do not want to live in a country where more than half of the people think it’s OK for someone that is so hate filled and divisive to be our president. Yes, I freely admit that I have concerns about the man’s ability to be a good leader but I do take comfort in knowing that more than half the people in my country agree with me. More than half of American citizens share my concerns. And so I’m staying; I hope we can find a way to move forward together.


Your ever Green, always independent, endlessly open minded friend,


P.S.  A brief message to all my friends in Texas:

To every one of you who ever looked at me 23 years ago when I arrived in Texas from New York and said, “Nuueeeeeeeew Yooooork Cittty???? Get a rope!” I do believe I’ve just had the last laugh. You can all take your stinkin’ ropes and stick them where the sun don’t shine! If you would like to apologize for your nastiness 20 years ago, you can find me at El Nopalito sipping a margarita and eating some chips and salsa. Peace out.



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