Friends, family, and theatre folk everywhere…

It is time for a little shameless self promotion…

(and an explanation for why my blog page has been so quiet lately.)


Many of you already know that I am in a play and you’ve been asking for all the juicy details.

This is it… your official email invitation.

Did your heart just skip four beats?

This is your big chance!!!!!!! It’s the chance of a lifetime!

(…just a fun little quote from Act I to whet your whistle…)

I’ve been extremely honored to have been cast as one of the lead roles in an amazing production in Wimberley, TX.

Road trip, anyone!!!?????

All production details below… but, c’mon now, really, does the title matter?

Should it matter???  It’s ME you’re coming to see, after all, right?!  (Insert big cheesy grin here)

It runs for FOUR weekends, so there are no excuses for missing this one.

Also, I think it’s important you should know… I often hear friends and family tell me, “Oh darn, I’ll catch you in the next one.”

This is like a polar ice age vortex thingie, folks: rare, indeed.

I do not choose to be in shows very often.  In addition to being wildly exhilarating, it is extremely time consuming,

and frankly, I don’t like being away from my amazing husband for such long stretches at a time 🙂  (It makes me twitchy!)

The point is…

Don’t wait for the next one. 

That could be five years away! (Matter of fact, last time I walked out into the limelight was way back in 2007)

Please plan ahead; get your tickets now. The theatre is small.


A quick word about the show:  It’s for grown-ups.

If you need more info, you can find the movie version on YouTube

(Starring Cher, Karen Black, Kathy Bates & more… yes, I get to play the Cher role!!!!)

SPOILER ALERT: Be forewarned. You probably don’t wanna know too much in advance. It’s more fun to let this odd little gem unfold.

So… spread the word, grab a friend and head on out to beautiful Wimberley.

The theater is right across from the Blue Hole… an exquisite little outdoor park to stroll around before the show. (Take a dip!)

And Brewster’s is the perfect pizza spot (on RR12 right outside Wimberley).

Thanks y’all for the support! Live theater and the arts are a necessity in our culture.  Please… Don’t miss a chance to be part of it!

Really hoping to see ya in the limelight!

Kortnee With-a-k

p.s.  I really truly do NOT need to know in advance which night you’re coming…

That will just make my palms sweat like a twelve-year old boy on a first date,

my brain will melt like an orange popsicle dropped on a hot sidewalk in July

and my insides will get all squishy like that overripe avocado in the furthest back corner of your bottom refrigerator drawer…

But please do come say hi to me after the show.




by Ed Graczyk

Show Dates: April 11, 2014 – May 4, 2014

Friday and Saturday at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 2:30 PM

“Come Back…” takes place in 1975 as a group of quirky high school friends honor their promise to reunite 20 years after the death of their idol, James Dean in their hometown of McCarthy, Texas, a dustbowl remnant of days gone by. Their reunion reveals not only the depth of their friendships, but reveals the secrets they have guarded and built their lives around. Funny, intimate, dramatic… a great show for audiences and the ensemble cast.


Directed by David Bisett


$18 adults/$9 child/students (with student ID) plus a $1 ticketing fee for each.

Opening night tickets are $20 + $1 ticketing fee and includes sweets served at intermission.

GROUP DISCOUNTS (8 or more) $16 + $1 Ticketing Fee each – Must be purchased as a block in one transaction (one credit card)




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