How To Be Thin FOREVER

-Secrets Shared From a Skinny Girl-




If you haven’t read the first entry, please do. Here’s your next step!

 You must drink 12 cups of water per day (8 oz. each)


You can call it 8 glasses of water every day that are 12 ounces full.

That’s it. That’s all.

This week all you will focus on is: WATER DRINKING.


So why not go grab one right now. Stop reading and go fill a glass….

(please come back)

But why drink water?

There are several reasons.

Starting with…

Have you ever thought about where your fat goes when you lose it?

I didn’t think so.

Most folks haven’t, so don’t feel alone.

In order to lose weight, your body must metabolize and use (“burn”) the excess fat you have stored. Once it is metabolized it must be excreted.

And how do we humans excrete things?  Peeing, pooping, sweating and exhaling.

Here’s your disclaimer of the week: This ain’t meant to be an 9th grade biology class, folks.  I am here to keep things simple for you. So either trust me or go google if you want to know the sepcifics. (And yes, I know that pooping isn’t technically part of the human excretory system… we’ll get to that next week. Just hush up and take another sip of H2O!)

Reason numero dos:

Water cleanses our entire body. Our body is MADE of water! Water protects our brain, lubricates our joints, regulates body temperature… and the list goes on and on.

Now… some of you are going to tell me that you already drink that much water every day. Well good for you.  I am simply asking you to THINK ABOUT it this week. Be conscious and aware of it.  You MAY NOT be drinking as much as you really think you are.

So grab your little notebook and spend the next week writing about how much water you drink.

And another thing!!!!

So don’t even ask!

The answer is NO! You cannot count all the sodas, coffee, tea, beer, and other stuff you drink.

YES: drink actual real water.

100% Fruit/Veggie juices may be consumed, as long as no sugar is added.

But… do not count these towards your water total.

 Are you a whiner or a winner?

The winners out there have already finished their first glass of water and started on the second.

The WHINERS are sitting there thinking about how much they don’t enjoy a nice glass of water.  To you, I say, put your big girl panties on and get over it.  Yup.  Your body needs water. You can’t change that- it’s the way you are made. Sooooooo you are gonna have to get over it and learn how.

Just quit whining and …Go get started!

(Males, don’t be offended that I’ve left you out… I just don’t know many guys who admit out loud to ridiculous crap such as this!)

There you have it.

Go get started.

If you listened to me a few paragraphs ago, you’ve already finished your first glass.

See ya in a week.

(And stay tuned, the video blog is coming!)




One thought on “WATER WATER WATER!!!!!

  1. Water is “Good” . Most of us are dehydrated and don’t realize it. Not sure exactly how much is too much but most of us have too little . It’s not uncommon for endurance athletes that are “very focused” on water intake have to had some issues with too much water even during an endurance event which can be very serious as too much water leaves one out of balance with sodium needs so a plan has to be developed for each individual dependent on their water and sodium losses during long distance endurance events. Next time you do a one hour run or bike or swim measure your weight before and after and the weight loss can determine how much water you lost during that hour. I’ts basically a pint to a pound in rough round numbers. “Food
    [ or Water] for thought . Great advice for the beginning weight loss prospect.

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