I realized during a healing session with a client just yesterday that our journey of healing as a nation is very similar process to the journey of personal healing. Right now, in the United States of America the outcome of this election will reveal much to us about where we are in our spiritual journey. 

But first what do I mean? What is a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY? Whether you recognize it or not, ultimately the whole point of being human is to understand that we are part of divinity. This place we reside as energetic beings having a human experience has been called by many, “Earth School.” We are here to learn and to grow and to become.

We have been told a lie through our religious traditions, that were certainly well intended, but definitely misguided, as man created religion, not God. The myth we’ve all been told is that we have been separated from God and must work our way back to him, that the terrible actions of one person in the garden of Eden as tempted by a serpent, resulted in the ultimate fall of man and our separation from divinity. 

In reality, this is not how God works. 

We actually are God. I personally no longer even call Him that. 

Instead, God is source energy, divine wisdom and cosmic light. “It” is ultimate love that passes understanding and infinite unity. But, for now let’s just call it “God” because that will definitely makes this conversation waaaaay more simple. 

This concept of religion being an incomplete view of the world and that God is way way way bigger and more vast than we can even imagine, is truly a hard pill for many to swallow. Some will never accept this or believe it. Many are stuck out on the playground in spiritual kindergarten, and that’s okay. That’s where they are and that’s where they are learning… for now. Without getting into a whole separate conversation that will distract from the point being made here, please move forward with me for a moment, whether you’re stuck in the previous paragraph or not. Hear me out.

It has been said that each of us is an individual expression of God himself. (or herself!) You’ve heard this, right?

If this is true then we must examine that original myth. Are we separate from God or are we part of God? You see the problem there, don’t you? It can’t be both. That’s not mathematically possible. So let’s roll with the latter… we are part of God. We are an expression of God.

Divinity resides within us. We are each a piece of God. Each one of the beings, including human beings, animals, trees, insects, rocks and more, each represent one tiny piece of the giant cosmic puzzle. When that puzzle becomes completely re-assembled, that is, indeed God. That is divinity. That is our own completion.

Another way that this has been described or another term to consider is, the “collective human consciousness.” Or to be even more clear and inclusive of ALL types of beings, simply put: THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. The collective consciousness is a higher vibrational reality. It has been called Nirvana, it is Utopia it is Enlightenment. It is a state of existence where all beings are united and have finally recognized/realized/accepted our ultimate and infinite connection as the expression of divinity, or God, as we are calling this concept here today in this conversation. Remember that final scene in the movie Avatar? Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up. 

Each individual soul or being, is on a journey towards this cosmic understanding. The realization, the awakening, the inner authentic knowing that each of us is indeed a piece of divinity, that divinity resides within us. We are not separate beings. We are ONE.

In order for each individual to make this journey, they must walk the path of personal healing towards their own authenticity. Some souls will never do that in their current lifetime. They are not at a level of soul-evolution that will foster and bring this type of awareness or consciousness. But many beings are indeed walking an awakened path. Many beings are aware and have taken a position of learning and growth… this is not to say that all souls are not learning and growing, they indeed are. The difference is that the awakened soul has agreed to consciously be part of their own awakening, evolution and soul growth. They are an active participant in the process; they seek, they learn, they discover, they question.

We see this manifested in the form of people studying yoga and meditation and other higher vibrational spiritual practices. They are the seekers, the reiki masters, the wisdom keepers. They are the women on a weekend retreat, they are learning to exhale and they are developing their self-care. They sit under trees, they stare at the clouds, they wonder. There are many stops, levels, locations, and variations on this path. They are asking questions because they know there is something more than what they’ve been told and always believed.

They may feel guilty about embarking on the path, but they know in their bones this is where they must go.

It is not necessary that every soul on the planet be part of this journey towards the collective higher vibrational consciousness. What we are moving towards is a tipping point. 

This tipping point is a moment when there will finally be enough souls that have reached a high enough state of vibration/consciousness that there will be a noticeable and extremely important shift in the energy that we ALL are experiencing. It is already beginning to unfold, as evidenced by the increase in people seeking spiritual understanding. As more and more beings move towards authentic wisdom, we move into a space and time collective consciousness where all beings, all matter, and all creation are contributing together, collectively, toward the health and well-being of one another in a multitude of ways in expression of our gifts. Our current state of division and separate consciousness will dissipate. The illusion of discord and independence will fall away. How terrifying and exhilarating all at once. No wonder so many resist! Those who don’t understand this, naturally resist. let’s face it, change is hard.

How exactly, do we reach a point where we achieve that magical number of this so-called tipping point!??? How do we get to this point?

This is the journey we are on right now. 

More and more people are awakening. 

And all that any ONE person can do to help achieve this higher vibrational shift is to do their own personal work. (Side note: Yes, many people have a higher calling to do community work but usually they have done their own personal work as well…or need to do that too!)

So how does each person go on that healing journey? Where does it begin?

The journey of personal healing begins with digging deep into our own shadows, our limiting beliefs and engage in healing from our own past traumas. We all have them. What must happen is that we gain new perspective so we can begin to understand that we are not a victim of the things that were done to us. What we experienced was for the benefit of our own learning and growth. This is a long process. 

We must go back to each of those painful moments and reconsider it with a new perspective. We must dig and learn to embody the gifts that may have come to us out of those moments. This is deep spiritual work and obviously not the topic of a one-paragraph conversation. People spend decades healing their own personal wounds. 

An important piece of this healing process is to lean into and unearth the deep emotions that we hold in hidden places. Many of us feel abandoned and unsupported, ignored and unworthy. Much of New Age spirituality skips over this step in the healing process. We think that if we simply do our daily affirmations we will manifest a new reality. The problem with this approach is that by skimming over the wounds, we never have an opportunity to truly heal from what troubles us. 

We must spend time feeling and experiencing the deep hurts of our past, but witness from a new place of insight and wisdom. We must validate to ourselves that we were indeed wounded. We must spend time exploring those wounds and examine the scars. If we gloss over this step we can never properly heal. Some people have referred to this as “spiritual bypassing.” What it boils down to is that we haven’t done the deep personal work that needs to be done.

And here’s why this is so deeply unbelievably and incredibly important. 

This is where we are at in our country right now.

One of the political candidates in this race has said that this election is a “battle for the soul of America.” Instead, I personally believe that more than a battle, it is a reflection of the journey that America is on as a nation as we move towards knowing our own souls and the collective soul. But we must heal from our trauma.

America is a nation founded in and steeped in trauma. We left our motherland and basically divorced ourself from where we were birthed, where we were founded and where we were rooted. It was necessary for our growth, but yet we have never acknowledged the wounds that came from that. Instead we honor and celebrate the victories and the success and we invalidate and ignore the ordeals and suffering. Ignored wounds don’t heal they get infected and fester.

There are three types of people that have come here to this country:

The Immigrants: These are the people (or the grandparents) who chose to come to this nation with visions of it being a promised land. They went through great work and effort to start new lives and build a new future based on hopes and dreams for betterment. They left their homeland, they left families behind and they came here to face great strife and toil. 

The Indigenous: Then there are people who were already here. Their lands were taken away from them. Their children were taken away from them and they were punished for speaking their own language. They were shoved into corners and told it was a good thing. They were forced to give up their homeland, forced to give up relationship with the land, and forced to leave their families behind. They also faced great strife and great toil. 

The Slaves: And then there were the people who were brought here against their will and forced into terrible labor in which they weren’t even treated as humans. They faced great strife and great toil in being forced to leave their families behind and leave their homelands. And even worse, because of the horrifyingly indecent manner in which this was done, ultimately this group of people no longer even knows the specifics of where their homeland even lies! They are bound together by skin color and the knowing of having a connection through one very-large continent. Whilst others who have come to this country may even know the name of the tiny village their family came from, this group of people was completely robbed of that heritage. How can this result in anything other than trauma? And the suffering and strife? I won’t even go there.

And so you there you have it… a nation that was founded and built upon three types of human trauma, each unique and important in its own way, clearly some more than others, and all despite the great pride, the hard work and some pretty incredible outcomes. 

But therein lies the problem. 

Our country has never faced and dealt with these traumas of our past. 

Just like the personal spiritual journey as described above, the United States of America has spent a lot of time doing what could be considered akin to spiritual bypassing. 

We have taken shortcuts in this nation in our eagerness to grow and develop. 

We have skipped over considering the proper way to treat one another. 

We have omitted conversations in consideration of the beings that were here when we arrived. 

We have killed one another, we have abused and enslaved one another, and we have never made amends.

We have traumatize the land and we have not been the faithful stewards of the gifts and bounty that were presented before us. 

We know in our hearts that we are destined for integrity and dignity and decency… yet everywhere we look, it seems scattered and tattered.

And now we wonder, several hundred years later, why we find ourselves in chaos. 

We wonder why people are so divided. 

We wonder why people are screaming at each other. 

And we simply and easily blame it one man.

But if we take a closer look at our history there should be no wonder. 

It is obvious. 

We never stopped to do any work, we never stopped to do any healing, we never took a minute to even try to truly be united.  We proudly slapped a title of “United” on it and called it patriotic and brave, while we fast-forwarded our pride and ego headlong into our festivities, triumphs and glory. But rarely did we stop to join together for healing, for reflection, for restoration and recovery. Sure, we pause once a year on Veteran’s Day and Pearl Harbor gets mentioned in a flurry between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but our perfunctory and obligatory gesticulations have never really lead to any healing. Our only moments to pause have come after a major tragedy. Grief? Healing? Processing emotions? Making restitution? That’s just un-American and always have been. Throw up a bronze statue in a park and build another memorial…because concrete and prettiness makes us feel better. We’re the country who slaps a bow on a turkey and sends the indigenous folks back to their corner. We’re the country who gave an assassinated-hero a holiday portrayed on calendars only by his initials (are we that afraid of what he represented?) and threw a few school worksheets at it and called it done.

This is spiritual bypassing… on a national scale!

And so, as we step into another moment of transition in our great American history, the outcome can only reveal where we are in our journey. 

The 45th President of the United States is not to blame. He has simply been a necessary catalyst goading us into full view of the spiritual bypassing we’ve collectively engaged in since 1492. No matter what happens, we are headed towards spiritual growth and healing. This one man has served an important purpose in the process as we all move towards collective higher human consciousness and higher vibrational energy. This may sound like a surprising thing to say as he most certainly doesn’t embody any of the characteristics that you would attribute to a person living an enlightened spiritual existence. I think even his fans would agree on that! But, remember, step back and look at what must happen on the personal healing journey. Our nation is no different. Whether applied to a person or a nation, the healing journey is no different.  

A quick but important one-paragraph tangent: In order to heal we must become aware of the deep scars and wounds that we have buried. The 45th president of the United States has been a catalyst for bringing all of that to the surface. Because of this presidency, which I also believe was a wounded reaction to the previous presidency (a different-but-related spiritual conversation for another day), the catalyst for change was set in motion long ago. If we look at this cosmically, this has everything to do with the astrological shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius (remember singing about that back in the 60‘s? It wasn’t just a song!) therefore, the discomforts and inconveniences that we are experiencing during this epic shift cannot be blamed on any one person. it’s easy to do, but mostly inaccurate. Spiritual leaders from long ago correctly and accurately predicted that this time in history would be deeply difficult. End tangent.

Under this president we have become aware of the deeply disgruntled populations in our nation, we have become keenly aware of environmental issues and what will happen if we ignore them, and we have become aware of the civic wounds that run very deep in this country. 

Yes, they were always there, these aren’t new and I’m not giving him credit for completely uncovering them. His desire for power unwittingly and unconsciously placed him in the perfect position to serve as the catalyst for the unearthing and revelation of that which needs to be healed in our nation. Because, let’s be honest, before him there wasn’t a whole lot of acknowledgment going on that there were some serious issues in our nation. It was all way too easy to ignore, invalidate and leave buried… until a black man sat in the oval and a quantum reaction was set in motion. 

And so now, today, we are faced with a period where much trauma has been unearthed. 

The result of this election will tell us where we are in our spiritual healing. When we are on our personal journey of healing and we unearth the traumas of the past, we must revisit them and we must develop new tools and new perspectives so that we can move forward. We cannot bypass this step. We also cannot stay in this place for too long. When we choose to wallow in the stories of the past without seeking healing while failing to develop ways to grow, we are in danger. We must do the work and find the gifts to help us move forward, otherwise we can easily slip into victim mentality and get stuck right there in limiting beliefs, old patterns, justifications, and defense mechanisms. 

Instead, we must go there for a visit, we must uncover the trauma, we must view the trauma with new perspectives, we must develop tools for healing that trauma, and we must develop new habits and views for moving forward into the future. But we cannot reside there. This is the opposite of spiritual bypassing- – – this is getting caught in the quagmire of victimhood, limiting beliefs, and ultimately remaining in our own shadow places. This is not healing. This is not growth.

We must trust that there is indeed a God or some sort of cosmic wisdom divine energy and light source. We must believe this because we see evidence of it everywhere. (Just look at quantum physics and sacred geometry…and there’s yet another spiritual conversation for a different day.) There is proof of this divine source energy everywhere! Therefore, if the current man in office is reelected, we must trust that there is more work to be done in unearththing that which needs to be healed. 

There is more to be uncovered, there’s more to be explored, and there are still voices that have not been heard or seen. However, as a student of the personal healing journey and also as a spiritual teacher who guides others on such healing journeys, I do find it difficult to believe that we are not ready to begin the actual healing process. It seems that on an energetic and cosmic level there is no point to wallowing any longer in the trauma that we have unearthed. We just move beyond victimhood. It is time for the healing process to begin. 

It is time for us to consider each of the traumas that has faced our nation. We need space to give voice and validity to the wounds of the past in an affirmative manner which not only validates but provide tools for the future well-being and healing of our country. (Again, the actual development of this healing process is another conversation for another day. The process itself will be a journey of its own!)

We are all feeling angst because we are reaching that tipping point that I mentioned earlier.  We are reaching a collective human consciousness that consists of higher-vibrational wisdom and energy. We are all reaching a point of fatigue with the unearthing process. We are exhausted by the victim mentality disguised as patriotism and religious righteousness. We can see beyond that now and we are ready, even though we may not know which way to go or how to get there! It is indeed time for us to step forward. The next step is healing. We must trust cosmic energy, divine wisdom, light source, ultimate love, infinite understanding… or “God” as we’ve chosen to call this within this conversation. God knows exactly where we are in this complex and difficult journey towards growth and healing.

Therefore, whichever candidate becomes the next president becomes practically irrelevant.

No matter who wins… We have reached a tipping point in the healing journey and we are going to see massive shifts over the next several years. It will be turbulent. It is not for the faint of heart. There is change coming. Let us not lose faith as we feel fear and panic, despair and worry over this election. it’s so much bigger than that! The process of spiritual growth on this journey towards the higher vibrational collective consciousness cannot be stopped. Some will continue to wallow, but the rest of us are moving onward. While one man sitting in the oval office does indeed have a great influence on HOW it unfolds, he is not God. Just like the rest of us, that human being is but one tiny piece of the puzzle. And he too has his role to play, whatever that may be. In the coming days, we will know, based on the person selected, how the office of United Sates President fits into this puzzle.

More importantly, no matter the outcome, each person must recognize the importance of their own journey towards soul authenticity. Each person must step forward into their own healing so that we can all grow. We must stop blaming one man and commit to our own growth. We all get to the tipping point sooner if we all pitch in.


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