Hello Target.

It seems that you’ve pissed off a lot of folks with your decision to recognize ALL human beings as actual human beings. So I just wanted to stop by and say that you have my support. I wasn’t planning to do any shopping today, but I think I’ll swing by, with a full bladder, and see what treasures I can find. I think I’ll even bring some open-minded friends along with me. And in the extremely slim chance that nature calls at the exact same moment that it does for a transgender person, I am going to do my very best to grow as a human being and greet that person in the exact same way that I would greet or acknowledge any other woman who needs to pee. Maybe we’ll have a quick chat about how nice and clean you keep your restrooms or how well stocked the paper towels are today. Or perchance a brief chat about how narrow minded some of the political candidates are this year or a word or two about the weather. And, yes, it might just feel awkward. You see, although I used to teach at a school with trans-friendly restrooms, (which the students loved by the way and there was never once any problem at all) I do have to admit that I have never actually peed in a public restroom at the exact same time with a transgender person. Or if I did, well, I just didn’t know it, because contrary to popular belief, transgender people are not the freak show that some folks are trying to describe them to be. But, yes, I admit, it might seem odd at first as I step into a stall and safely lock the door behind me and listen to him (or do I say her… that pronoun thing is still confusing for me too) urinating in the stall next to me. I admit that I will indeed be wondering if she is sitting or standing (..okay, not actually of any concern to me, but yeah, I’ll wonder anyway…)

But not for one moment will I wonder if this other human being is going to attempt to sexually assault me. You see, I won’t wonder about that because I’ve done some actual reading from reputable sources about sexual assault and realized that this sort of crime in public restrooms is extremely rare.

And should I happen to bring a young child with me today, I will surely escort them into the restroom, but rest assured, I would do that in any public restroom because that’s just good parenting.

Yes, indeed, Target, I do have some questions about what it means to be transgender, but they are probably things that you cannot answer. But then again, I am going to remind myself that I do not need to completely understand every thing about every one. God created us all differently for a reason. And all I need to do is treat each and every one in the same way that I would hope for them to treat me. I think this might just be one huge test of love, tolerance and acceptance. There are just way too many frightened people in the world allowing their fear to manifest itself as hatred. And I for one would rather do my shopping with a transgender person than a fear-mongering, hate-filled loser.

So, thank you Target for taking the necessary step toward weeding out those assholes. Okay, yes, I know you’ll let them come back any time they want to because that’s how open minded you are, Target; but gosh I wish you wouldn’t. I wish you would just throw up a sign that says, “Assholes, bigots and racists go home, you’re not welcome here and we certainly don’t want you in our restrooms!” My shopping experience will surely be a better one because of your choice to help make our world a more loving and accepting place. You inspire me, I wish I could be that nice to all the assholes too and I promise to try harder. So thank you! It is wonderful to see that your company has chosen to make decisions based on facts, not fear. Keep on fighting the good fight, Target. You are spot on.


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