imgresIt is time to stop the madness. Only WE can make a difference.

I am NOT an object.

And I will not subject myself, nor open myself up to, being treated this way.

I personally believe that women can turn the tide by really thinking through how we present ourselves publicly, how we interact with one another and how we respond to men (and women) who have been brainwashed.

We ALL need to think about how we dress, how we speak and the businesses we choose to support.

We cannot continue to objectify OURSELVES and expect to treated with respect.

Respect starts at home with OUR SELVES!!!! Ladies, let’s work together to teach our daughters (and sons) that we can be smart AND attractive without being objects. In addition, let’s work together to support organizations who promote healthy body images. For example, I no longer buy from the Gap because they have several clearly anorexic models.

It is time to start making a difference.


This video is a must see!



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