Super Duper

Feb 1, 2015


images-1Sharing my thoughts on this subject it seems almost futile. Let’s be honest, will anyone actually be reading anything except the Sports Section today? And more importantly, is there anyone else out there who isn’t even sure who is playing in the big game today? Yes folks, it is true. I do indeed live under a rock. I just climbed out from under it to ask my next-door neighbor which two teams have earned the chance to win themselves those big rings.


Who is playing????

But there is so much more to feel confused about. It’s not just the culture shock of realizing that I don’t even know which teams are playing. By the way, now that I do know, I’ve decided to root for the Patriots. After all, both my parents were born in New England, so it feels like a good fit. And didn’t they win a few years ago? Although, I do have a cousin living in Seattle, so I reserve the right to change my mind during the Half Time show. Clearly, Super Bowl XLIX has me feeling clueless. I might have had the flu that day way back in third grade when they taught Roman Numerals. But why do they use Roman Numerals anyway to document the biggest day in American sports? Is it supposed to make the whole thing feel more Olympic in scope or something? Maybe so; more people do indeed watch the Super Bowl than the Olympics anyway.


The Half Time Show.

Now there’s something I know about. Remember that friend who turns up at your party right before Half Time claiming to have had three other parties to attend that day? She gorges herself on your delicious snacks and then quietly disappears six minutes into the third quarter? Truth be told, there are those of us who only show up for the snacks and pyrotechnics. I know I am not alone. Remember how Bruno Mars danced last year? Remember Madonna’s Roman look? Remember the fireworks behind Michael Jackson in 1993? Music icons including Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones have held the honor. I wonder if they get a ring after performing? My personal favorite Half Time Show ever was Prince. That was epic! His Prestigious Purple Presence prancing around the stage in the pouring rain made 2007 particularly special. I’m sure this confession of mine does NOT surprise you in the least. Yes sirree, they’ve come a long way from a college marching band and Up With People. Katy Perry has some awfully big shoes to fill this evening.


Commercials Galore!

Then there is the advertising. Companies spend long hours and millions preparing for the big day. Each ad reportedly costs 4.5 million dollars for a 30-second spot. Seriously? Not to mention the 622 million dollars paid by CBS for the Super Bowl rights. That all adds up to a whole lot of Roman Numerals. Trying to do the math on all that makes my head spin. We Americans certainly know how to spend. What’s even more mixed up is that we actually look forward to watching all these ads. Commercials we actually want to watch… How weird is that? But I must admit that kid in the Darth Vader costume was adorable and that poor guy in the kitchen with the knife and the cat was hilarious. But it was a dancing chimpanzee who kept it real. This year, with sneak peaks available all over the internet, it seems the one to watch got pulled before it even got started. A publicity stunt? Perhaps. Either way, it’s the Real Men of Dove might be driving the best message into your homes. Now go hug your family.images


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