images-1I truly feel an overwhelming sadness about this whole thing. For all of them. For every one. For all of us. For our nation. My God, it is just so beyond sad. Why can’t we all just get along? I truly do not understand. And I don’t want it explained to me either. I do not want to hear the why and the reasons behind hatred. Because every word that must explain it are words of darkness. I don’t want to speak of the darkness. I’m sick of it. We have to find the light. God, help us, we have to find a better way.

Michael Brown, Rest in Peace. And may your family find peace.




6 thoughts on “Light vs. Dark

  1. Sadly we knew when the verdict was read this was going to happen…our country is in a hug mess and floundering, I feel like we dont have leadership we have reactionship (ok not a word, but you get the idea). We have angry people, society that is struggling financially, educationally and socially and things arent getting better the have/have not line is growing wider and wider…heart breaking.

    • Reactionship is a perfect word! I think we need to call Webster! The PEOPLE have been taught well by the one WE elected to do this as well.

  2. This is the age of Kali/darkness, unfortunately. We can only shine the light in each of our own individual way. It’s sad, the times we live in. Rather, painful.

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