Hot news from HBO… Game of Thrones has been renewed for Season 5 & 6.


True confessions:

It’s not my favorite.  I like it though.  But more importantly, it is the FAVORITE of my older daughter and my husband.  And watching them enjoy it so much, makes me happy.  So, yeah. Count me in.  It’s like a weird time-warp-logic-puzzle from eighth grade math: They love it. I love them. I love watching them love it. I must love it too.



I’m NOT reading all those books.  I am too busy writing books to have time to read all that mess!  But my SweetAngelGirl and My Honey are reading every single word. They never give any spoilers though.

While I can’t figure out why all my favorite people’s heads have been continually de-parted and I’m confused as to how Theon Grayjoy ended up with the Starks to begin with… I’m strangely addicted to Bran and Arya, waiting with baited breath to find out what they are up to each week!  Heck, I’m afraid to really like Tyrion… each character I fall in love with ends up decapitated!


The Khaleesi Rules!

And don’t even get me started on Danearys Stormborn! The Khaleesi is the best sexy badass female character probably EVER created.  She’s kicking ass and taking names with grace and style. Sexual harassment, glass ceilings, creepy weird guys… look out!  Watch what you say around this power-house femme and hang on tightly to your testicles. Storm-born indeed! Go Khaleesi go! Nothing like a dragon whisperer to make a series really pop.


So, Kudos to you, HBO!

Thank you for renewing this fantastic, yet odd, epic series.images



Can you imagine if it had not been renewed…. how would I ever find out who’s head got chopped off next????????? I would have to lock the front door and curl up on the couch to read through countless novels in order to catch up… re-living the bloodshed and trauma… I simply just can’t hear about Poor Ned Stark again…



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