1508536_10204122245508636_8863857303270511629_nHow To Be Thin FOREVER

-Secrets Shared From a Skinny Girl-

There are ten basic things anyone can do to lose weight.

Forget all the ridiculous diets, forget what your best friend’s sister told you, forget all the crap you read in cosmopolitan magazine…

All you need is a clear understanding of how it all works plus ten (or so) lifestyle changes that you will learn here…

Starting with this:

You didn’t gain the weight overnight, you ain’t gonna lose it overnight either.

Get it?

Yeah that’s the bad news! There will be no quick fix for this.

But you are worth it right? So make a commitment to yourself. Over the next three months, you can change your life.

It will take time, effort and energy. If you aren’t willing, if you aren’t ready, stop back by someday when you are.

Still here?


Here on this page you will find a master list of each entry with a matching video blog.  Click on each link to jump right to that section or simply scroll down to find more entries. (Under construction… all this coming soon!)

I suggest you follow them in order. I also suggest you tackle ONE new thing each week.  Changing too much too quick is rarely successful. Don’t try to do all this stuff at once!

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So… quick review…. Did you hear what I said?

One new thing per week. Just one. If you want to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, that means changing your lifestyle and your bad habits.  Change takes time.  No rushing.

And one thing we oughta clear up before we get started.  I’m not fat. I’m not overweight. And before you get cynical… I already know what you are thinking…what does a SKINNY girl know about losing weight??? Well, just stick with the old adage, “If you want to be a millionaire…talk to a millionaire.” Right? Same principle. Quit talking and commiserating with other heavy people about how to succeed at being thin…how the heck would THEY know? Please forgive me…I mean NO offense!  (And, seriously, if you know any millionaires who can help ME…please send their numbers.)

Here’s the bottom line, you are what your friends are. This applies to all areas of life.  If you don’t like something about your life, take a good hard look at the people and energy you have surrounded yourself with.  This is not intended as a point for debate. You are here reading this because you need help.  Take a leap of faith and trust me.  Simply put, you are going to have to examine your life and change some things that are NOT working towards bring YOU to your highest potential in life.

Yes, I’m going to tell you some things that are hard to hear. Yes, I’m going to say some things that you don’t like.  Yes, you may get offended now and then. But promise yourself this…  when you have a negative yucky feeling creeping up triggered by something you read here, promise to ask yourself WHY might you be feeling that way?

Is it my motivation and intention to HELP YOU or to HURT YOU?

Obviously, I am writing this because I have some wisdom to share and I wish to help you. If you are offended at any point what should that indicate to you? Is it ME causing you pain or could it more likely be something within yourself that is causing the negative feelings.  Right.  It ain’t me. I’m here to help.  Get it?  You’re gonna have to dig deep, do some soul searching, and get yourself healthy!  I’m just here to push you in the right direction. The work is yours to do.

And one other thing… this is not about losing weight.

What??????  You came here to lose weight, right? You wanna be skinny, you wanna be thin, you wanna be fit?

Right. Keep reading…

This is about being healthy.

This is about your personal health and well-being…your QUALITY of life until the day you die.

Yes. You’re going to die; I promise.

So… Wouldn’t you like to enjoy every day of your LIFE until that day comes? Some people say dumb things such as, “Well I’m going to die anyway, so what difference does it make.” Next time you hear someone make one of these stupid comments, please grab them by the left ear or the lower lip or by their right thumb, look deeply into their eyes, and say these words in your most incredulous tone: “Are you kidding me?” You will probably find that even THEY do not believe that level of cynicism. And if they truly do, please give them my website address.

And lastly. for those of you who are wondering. Yes, I’m qualified.  I hold a Master’s degree in Health & Wellness and Education. I’ve been a life coach, a personal trainer, a weight loss instructor for numerous folks, taught tons of classes on this topic… and more.  So there you have it.  (And the usual disclaimers you’ve heard before: Everyone is different, results will vary, check with your doctor, if you smoke quit now, if you’re pregnant you have different needs than are addressed here, if you are morbidly obese or new to exercise programs see a doctor before starting, my humble little blog isn’t a replacement for medical advice… blah blah blah…..)

All right! Let’s get started!

Step 1.

Write it down.

Any goal you ever set in life need to be written down.

Stop now. Grab a notebook, write a letter to yourself, tape it on your forehead… Do NOT skip this step.  Like I said earlier, TRUST ME!

Go write yourself a note. It doesn’t have to be long. But write it down.

Why? You ask why?

Here’s why. Putting something in writing is a way of creating a contract of sorts with yourself.  We ALL walk around every day saying, “I wanna do this, I’m gonna do that.” We have taught our brains that we don’t really mean it though. Show yourself that you are serious about this by writing down your goal.

And please. Be realistic. Okay? For real.  Set a goal you can reach. Realistic goals sound like this:

“I am going to lose ten pounds over the next two months.”

“I am going to adopt a new healthy lifestyle and quit _______.”

UN realistic goals sound like:

“I am going to lose fifteen pounds in the next two weeks.”

Okay, get it? Be real. Get started. Stay tuned right here. Live positive!  Now go do good things.



p.s. Post questions here… or email to kortneewithak@gmail.com


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