Can We Talk About The Weather?

by Kortnee With-a-k

(photos not my own)

Yeah, it’s cold.  Colder than a witch’s…  well, you know.

I recently wrote a great article with awesome scientific sources and info about climate change. (The phenomena formerly known as GLOBAL WARMING) (Click on the words great article to read the whole thing.)

And here’s a fun poll… answer the big question about CLIMATE CHANGE!

All these changes in weather patterns are certainly disturbing. It is time for humans on planet Earth to wake up and start taking some serious action in order to ensure some longevity for our species.

But some folks still believe the whole thing is a hoax. A dear friend of mine said just the other day, “They can believe what they want. But anyone who can’t see that there is some environmental degradation happening, is just an asshole.”  I have to agree with him.

My article covers some really neat information. You can read it by clicking right here.

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Here’s a sample to get you started….


Snow trolls in the midst of Icepocalypse 2014, laced up their boots, threw on an extra layer, and pulled on their warmest gloves in order to prove that the “liberal hoax” of “Global Warming” has done nothing except pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

But while the conservative skeptics are busy snow- trolling, (a yearly phenomenon coined by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes),  the real experts are conducting actual research on climate change that will one day be regarded as fact.

David Karowe, climate change expert at Western Michigan University says, “No single regional weather event proves whether climate change is real or not, the weather will vary under any climate. Climate change doesn’t eliminate the extremes.”

(Just click the link above to read the rest.)

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4 thoughts on “Anyone else freezing your butt off?

  1. Yes! Climate has been changing for nearly 4.5 billion years. Ironically, Biggest Oil Rockefellers got the cute idea to change the definition to “recent, dangerous and man made.” That’s the hoax. Their UN front man, the late Maurice Strong (Canadian big oil), did a fabulous job fooling people.

    The news media (owned by some of the Rockefellers and their psychopathic buddies) only shows anecdotal evidence of this mysterious “change.” Well, change always happens. Stopping it is like well,… stopping the galaxy from spinning.

    Global Warming made civilization possible 12,000 years ago. That started out with +7C of warming in 50 years. And the UN thinks +3C in 100 is “scary.” LOL

    Warming Alarmists (and I used to be one) claim that Global Warming causes more deserts and droughts. Well, that’s silly. Twelve thousand years ago, it did quite the opposite. Otherwise, we would never have had agriculture or civilization. The reason is simple. Just ask yourself: How does land ever get water?

    They also claim that Global Warming causes more and stronger storms. That’s a lie. NOAA data on strong tornadoes (EF3-EF5) show a 60-year downtrend. Dr. Ryan Maue’s charts on hurricanes (and typhoons) shows a 40-year downtrend. You gotta ask yourself: What causes wind to blow. It’s not heat. Venus has plenty of heat and almost no surface wind for millions of years.

    And that wrongly-accused molecule — CO2 — is off the hook. It’s not a pollutant, after all. In fact, modern increases of CO2 are greening the Earth. Green? Don’t environmentalists like life?

    During the last glacial period of the current Ice Age, CO2 levels dropped to 180 ppm — just 40 ppm above the “red line” of death for all life on Earth. That’s right! If the glacial period had lasted a little longer or if the temperatures had gotten a little colder, all life on Earth would’ve been “toast!” (in a frozen kind of way) Oceans soak up CO2 when it gets cold, and emit tons of it when things warm up.

    We live in an Ice Age interglacial that’s as much as 6,500 years overdue to end and the same globalists who started the “climate change” scam want to cool down the planet. Ice Age? Cooling? Who’s the denier in this scenario. Just look up 1816 — the year without a summer to find out what a small taste of cooling would be like. That was -1C of cooling. Try -12C of cooling when the Holocene ends. Oops!

  2. Wow! And all you have is ad hominem in reply. How logically fallacious. Do you always dismiss arguments of fact with sweeping claims of ignorance?

    Ignorance is ignoring facts and holding onto an inability to let go of beliefs when those beliefs are threatened. Or did the “big words” scare you?

  3. Regardless of how fancy you wish to appear (or sound), and based upon your original distraction technique from the actual scientific facts, I rest my case. Climate change IS INDEED affected by human activity. I’m sorry you don’t/can’t/won’t believe that. I, on the other hand, and in the meantime, will be working hard to reduce my own impact on said phenomenon. In the meantime, you might wish to consider riding your bike to work tomorrow. Your grandkids can send me a thank you note full of really big words…

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