Ted-NugentCrazed 70’s rock star verbally attacks Obama and Hillary  (click here to read the full article)

Check out my latest published article. It’s a fun read and people from all across the country have reacted! (AddictingInfo.org)

Here’s an excerpt to get you started….

Ted Nugent is at it again. In his usual style, Uncle Ted just couldn’t bring it all together in a recent interview.  Stringing together way too many adjectives in his all-too-typical tirade left poor Uncle Ted where he usually seems to find himself: looking a little bit crazy, confused on his actual position, and leading all of us to wonderhow much acid he actually dropped back in the 70’s.

Ted Nugent, former flamboyant 70’s rock star, draft dodger, squirrel chaser and long time, self-appointed political critic, was actually making some bipartisan sense before he followed himself down a rabbit trail getting lost in his own tirade.  He was making so much sense this time that he didn’t even spare the Republican party. He said the Republicans are “so busy adjusting their tie they wouldn’t know how to sell a blanket to a naked man in the blizzard.”  Ted Nugent also said:  “The state of politics in America are heart breaking, tragic, virtually self-inflicted, and I think I’m speaking for everybody here.”

Why couldn’t he just stop there? Ted Nugent actually made a good point! But some people just don’t know when to shut-the-hell-up!

 And then the squirrel chasing began…

That was as good as Uncle Ted had to give during this interview. Apparently a squirrel ran right by and in classic form, Ted Nugent took up the chase. Explaining why he himself would make a good president, Nugent went on to apologize to all our military heroes for “a commander-in-chief who is the enemy of the U.S. military.” Further bashing our “gangster” President, calling Obama, “a Chicago, communist- raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured, subhuman mongrel.”

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