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Inspirational thoughts. Important laughter. Carefree adventures.

About Kortnee With-a-k

headshot kortKortnee With-a-k welcomes you!  Take a stroll around my blog.

Here you will find inspirational thoughts and stories that make you think,

as well as countless adventures and advice for life!

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Find stories, essays, photos, adventures and rambling thoughts in all sorts of categories. 

Here at Kortnee With-a-k, there is something fun, educational, and motivational for anyone and everyone.

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IMG_7989My Pages:

Published- Links to my work published on other sites

Holidays- Essays that will make you smile and reminisce

Just Being Us- An adventure series with lots of photos. Don’t miss this page. We’re always out doing something fun and we’re sharing the adventures right here for you to live vicariously! We live on vacation!

Me & My Girls- Things all parents will want to read. Bring your tissues.

New Braunfels- Local stuff about a great little town in Texas.

News & Politics- Things I just have to speak up about.

How to Be Skinny- With a Master’s degree in Health & Wellness, I can assure you, this is your  new weight loss spot. No special diets, no ridiculous crap… just the hard truth to get you fit and healthy…but only if you’re ready to make a change! (videos coming soon)

I Missed That Day of School- Things that make me go “Hmmmm!”

Parenting Help & Advice- Sibling rivalry? Discipline problems? Everything you need to know in order to survive the 18 years of parenthood.  Post questions and get help here! (videos series coming soon)

Short Stories & Other Fiction- Some good reads.

Uncategorized- Other stuff that I wanted to share…

One response to “About Kortnee With-a-k

  1. Megan says:

    How do I get in touch with you about lessons. I can not find a direct number or email anywhere!!

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